Will ARTIFICIAL intelligence Become the Standard in Restaurants of the Future

Artificial intelligence is a new technology science that studies and develops the theory, method, technology and application system for simulating, extending and extending human intelligence.…


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Apple appealed Epic Games' ruling, which it initially called a "resounding victory.

Apple has appealed Epics Epic trial, which could cost billions of dollars and partial control of the App Store. While Apple largely won the case (the company even called it a complete victory) and Judge Gonzalez Rogers ruled in apples favor…


What is Titanium diboride?

What is Titanium diboride ? Titanium diboride (TiB2) is an extremely hard ceramic which has excellent heat conductivity, oxidation stability and wear resistance. TiB2 is also a reasonable electrical conductor,so it can be used as a cathode…


Apple's iPhone 15 Pro will no longer use a SIM card slot

This year, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series. These devices are still new, but weve already seen rumors and leaks about next years iPhone 14 line. Today, as the first reports of the iPhone 15 begin to emerge, we get a closer look at the…

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