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Types and functions of concrete additives including Concrete air entrained

Concrete additives can be divided into four categories according to their functions:1, Improve concrete mixing logistics variable performance of admixtures, such as various functions of water reducer.2, Adjust the concrete setting time,…


Is iron oxide safe for skin

Iron oxides are considered safe in cosmetics and personal care products because they are non-toxic and non-allergenic. Those with sensitive skin will tolerate iron oxides. Iron oxide reacts with water to produce iron hydroxide. The main difference be...…


B4C layer alternating

To obtain what we consider to be the best interfacial structure of the (B4C)–(B6O) composite, we constructed a laminated structure with each B4C layer alternating with a B6O layer along the [100] direction. In this laminated structure, both icosahedr...…

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