Development Trend

Bearing is one of the essential critical components of industrial robots, and its production is related to the overall competitiveness of the robot industry. In response to the development needs of the Asian robot industry, it is urgent to c…


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Nanofiber membranes transformed into 3-D scaffolds

Schematic illustrating the procedure of converting a 2D nanofiber mat into a cylinder-shaped nanofiber scaffold with (a) a hollow tube-shaped mold for a cylindrical shape and (b) a customized scaffold for a tube shape. The photographs (c) r…


Graphite so expensive

Large, high-volume buyers mainly provide their prices and tend to be conservative. Most small buyers pay higher than published prices. Graphite miners crush and grind their ore and separate the flakes of Graphite from the waste rock through a standar...…


Characterization of ATO NPs

So far, we noticed the absence of light soaking and photo-shunt as potential advantages of n-type SnO2 NPs over ZnO-based ETMs. Next, we extended our investigations to the ATO NPs and clarified the nature of the polarity and the doping mechanism. We ...…

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