Research Status of Chinese Robot Bearing Common Technology in 2020

Most of the supporting bearings for industrial robots in China rely on imports. Although a few manufacturers produce supporting bearings for industrial robots, they have small batches, few varieties and specifications, low generalization of…


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Status of animal protection and a freight forwarder in international shipments

According to reports, a few days ago, a case about the alleged abuse of animals in livestock transportation ended in the captain's conviction, and the shipowner and the beneficiary cargo owner were not criminally punished. ...…


How do I reset and delete a locked iPhone without connecting to a Mac or PC

IOS 15.2 is full of features big and small. In addition to features like Digital Legacy and App Privacy Report, theres another feature weve been waiting for; Completely wipe and reset a locked iPhone without first connecting to a Mac or PC.…


Various Uses of Nanometer Bismuth Oxide

Is there a nanobismuth oxide? Nanometer bismuth oxide Also known as Bismuth Trioxide, a compound that has an organic molecular structure of Bi2O3 is one the most important bismuth compounds. While bismuth can be extracted from natural bismuth blo...…

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