Hello Bicycle Mass Release in Shenzhen, Meituan Release Yellow Car, Will Stage a Bike-Sharing War Again

Bike-sharing refers to a service that allows people to rent bicycles, a time-sharing model and a new green sharing economy.…


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Graphene is a material with a huge amount of outstanding qualities

Graphene is an extremely popular material within scientific research. When a simple method of exfoliating single layers of graphene from bulk graphite was discovered in 2004, it marked the start of the 2D materials era.…


Chinese OLED Needs 5 Years To Catch Up With Korean Technology, Trunnano Zinc Sulfide Has Unique Photoelectric Effect

According to BusinessKorea, in the global TV panel field, Chinese mainland and Taiwanese manufacturers have overtaken Korean panel makers. However, despite the outstanding performance of Chinese companies in LCD TV displays, it still takes m…


Zirconium Diboride ZrB2 Powder CAS 12045-64-6

Item No.: Tr-ZrB2 Zirconium boride is a chemical substance with the molecular formula ZrB2. Grey hard crystals in nature. Zirconium boride has three components, namely, zirconium monoboride, zirconium diboride, and zirconium triboride. Purit…

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