Luck Played a Major Role in Keeping Earth Habitable for Billions of Years, Study Finds

Toby Tyrell from the University of Southampton had recently published a new paper in the journal Communications Earth and Environment, claiming that a key reason for the long-standing habitability of our native planet is likely nothing more


Billions of dollars spent on XR development

At Connect 2021 last week, Meta-reality Labs chief scientist, Michael Abrash, gave a high-level overview of some of the billions of dollars the company is spending to advance XR and meta-universe development. Michael Abrash leads the Meta-r


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Autogenous mineral of silica

Opal: opal is made by separating SiO2 from an aqueous solution and dehydrating colloid, so it is amorphous and has high water content (up to 10%). In the thin section, opal is colorless and transparent, with increased negative projections. Due to the dispersion effect, the contact between opal and gum or quartz is yellow. No cleavage. Total extinction under the orthogonal mirror. Opal is easily mixed with volcanic glass debris, but the glass debris has a unique shape, and its refractive index is


Can you polish quartz to a shine

How to make Quartz shiny? To give your quartz countertop its old shine back, mix 1 part vinegar and three parts water. With the help of a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth, spray the mixture on the countertop and polish it until you get the shine you want. Quartz is primarily quartzite, but other natural minerals are added to create unique patterns. Sparkle quartz countertops are achieved by adding mirror chips during the fabrication process. Stick to just plain baby wipes for the best results


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What does magnesium nitride mean? Magnesium-nitride It is an organic compound that contains nitrogen and magnesium. The molecular formula for Mg3N2 has a molecularweight of 100.94944. It belongs to the cubic-crystalline system. At room temperature, pure magnesium nitride turns to a yellowish-green color. But magnesium nitride with some magnesium oxide impurities appears off-white. As with many metal nitrides magnesium nitride reacts to water to create ammonia. You can burn the magnesium

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