AIE and black phosphorus nanomaterials join forces to fight cancer cells

On the road of cancer treatment exploration, compared with traditional small molecule preparations, nano-therapeutic platforms have great potential for maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing off-target toxicity.…


Advanced materials: wavelength tunable mid infrared laser based on black phosphorus nanosheets

in recent years van der Waals layered semiconductor materials due to its unique b structure photoelectric properties in the exploration of basic physical properties new device applications are of great significance. Among them nano lasers b…


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How to make zinc oxide powder?

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compound that has the chemical formula ZnO is an oxide of Zinc. It's insoluble when water is utilized.…


Synthesis of Molybdenum disulfide

There are different techniques used to obtain material layers. Figure 2, and each of them results in different quantities, shapes, and sizes. Mainly, the approaches used in synthesizing TMDs nanostructures are the top-down and the bottom-up approache...…


Tesla deploys Internet dishes at supercharger

Dont despair, if you want to stream a show live at A Tesla Supercharger station but dont pay a premium connection -- you may have an official alternative. Owners of Tesla electric vehicles have found Starlink satellite Internet antennas at s…

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