AIE and black phosphorus nanomaterials join forces to fight cancer cells

On the road of cancer treatment exploration, compared with traditional small molecule preparations, nano-therapeutic platforms have great potential for maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing off-target toxicity.…


Advanced materials: wavelength tunable mid infrared laser based on black phosphorus nanosheets

in recent years van der Waals layered semiconductor materials due to its unique b structure photoelectric properties in the exploration of basic physical properties new device applications are of great significance. Among them nano lasers b…


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Which is greater fe2+ or fe3+ and why

Among the Iron (II) ion Fe 2 + (charge is 2+) and Iron (III) ion Fe 3 + (charge is 3+), the magnitude of positive charge is higher on Iron (III) ion Fe 3 +. Therefore, the size of Iron (III) ion Fe 3 + will be smaller than Iron (II) ion Fe 2 +. Why d...…


High Quality Nano Silicon Anode Material Si Powder CAS 7440-21-3

is a reliable supplier for high quality Nano Silicon Anode Material Si Powder CAS 7440-21-3.…


What is graphene? What is it used for?

Graphene (Graphene) is a two-dimensional material with only one carbon atom thick, consisting of hexagonal planar films with a honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms with SP2 hybrid orbits. Graphene is the thinnest but also the hardest…

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