AIE and black phosphorus nanomaterials join forces to fight cancer cells

On the road of cancer treatment exploration, compared with traditional small molecule preparations, nano-therapeutic platforms have great potential for maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing off-target toxicity.


Advanced materials: wavelength tunable mid infrared laser based on black phosphorus nanosheets

in recent years van der Waals layered semiconductor materials due to its unique b structure photoelectric properties in the exploration of basic physical properties new device applications are of great significance. Among them nano lasers b


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Advantages and disadvantages of polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

In many concrete projects, traditional high-efficiency concrete such as the naphthalene series can not meet the needs of engineering and more due to the limitation of technical performance. The new generation of a polycarboxylic acid series high-performance water-reducing agent, which has attracted much attention at home and abroad, has achieved an effective molecular structure design according to the action mechanism of dispersed cement. It has the super dispersive type, which can prevent the s


What is Iron Oxide Fe3O4?

Iron Oxide Fe3O4 is a kind of inorganic substance, the chemical formula is Fe3O4, black crystal with magnetic, so it is also known as magnetic iron oxide. It cannot be regarded as Fe(FeO2)2, nor as a mixture of iron oxide FeO and iron oxide


Cool 3D printing takes you through different technologies |

SLS Nylon Powder PrintingNylon sintering (selective laser sintering) is a project that uses spread powder sticks to tile a thick layer of powder materials, such as 3D printed metal powders, on parts. It is heated below the powder melting temperature instead of a set temperature.Material: nylons, fibers and nylonsSLM Metal 3D PrintingMetal sintering can be described as a selective laser sintering. It is the process of using a powder stick to spread a layer on molded surfaces, then heating to a te

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