Boeing will use 147 satellites to beam broadband Internet around the world

The Federal Communications Commission approved Boeings satellite Internet project, which was first proposed in 2017.Boeing can now make progress in building, launching,and operating its broadband Internet network in space.It will join Spa


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What is molybdenum Disilicide used for

What is Molybdenum disilicide?Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2, or molybdenum silicide), an intermetallic compound, a silicide of molybdenum, is a refractory ceramic with primary use in heating elements. It has moderate density, a melting point of 2030 °C, and is electrically conductive. The thermal stability of MoSi2, alongside its high emissivity, makes this material, WSi2, attractive for applications as a high emissivity coating in heat shields for atmospheric entry. MoSi2 is a gray metallic-loo


The type of manganese dioxide

The type of manganese dioxide (MnO2) and its quantity used in dry cells are mainly responsible for cell capacity. Performance characteristics depend on individual crystal structure, varying degrees of hydration, and the activity of the manganese dioxide. Manganese dioxide potentials are additionally affected by the pH of the electrolyte. Most zinc–carbon batteries are cathode limited. Four different types of manganese dioxide are applied in dry cells: (NMD alpha- and beta-structure), activated m


The powder β Fe2O3 sample

TEM images and SAED pattern were obtained using a JEOL JEM–2010 electron microscope operating at 160 kV with a point–to–point resolution of 1.9 Å. For each measurement, a very dilute sample dispersion drop was placed on a copper grid with a holey carbon film and allowed to dry under vacuum at room temperature. HRTEM images were obtained using a TITAN 60–300 high-resolution transmission electron microscope with an X-FEG emission gun operating at 80 kV. For HRTEM analyses, the powder β-Fe2O3 sampl

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