Boron nitride fibers

Hexagonal BN can be prepared as fibers, structurally similar to carbon fibers, sometimes called "white carbon fiber." They can be prepared by the thermal decomposition of extruded borazine fibers by adding boron oxide in nitrogen at 1800 °C. The material also arises by the thermal decomposition of cellulose fibers impregnated with boric acid or ammonium tetraborate in an atmosphere of ammonia and nitrogen above 1000 °C. Boron nitride fibers are used as reinforcement in composite materials, with


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Compound semiconductor material water reducing agent

What is water reducing agent?Firstly, the water-reducing agent can reduce the unit amount of Water used in concrete mixing without affecting the workability of the concrete to reduce the water-cement ratio and effectively improve the strength of concrete; Secondly, the water-reducing agent does not reduce the concrete mix performance other. At first sight, lithium having a high value of ionization energy amongst alkali metals, acts as the strongest reducing agent in solution. Reducing agents, ox


TRDN-3 Molecular Sieve Adsorbent For Flue Gas Denitration

TRDN-3 molecularsieve is made from high-silicon ziolite with a cross-direct three-dimensional structure. It has excellent adsorption capacities of SO2, NOx and acidic gases. About TRDN-3 Molecular Sieve Adsorbent For Flue Gas Denitration: TRDN-3 molecularsieve is high-silicon ziolite molecular sieve. It has excellent adsorption of SO2, NOx, and other acidic gasses. The unique structure of TRDN-3 molecularsieve and the selected Si/Al proportion make it more attractive. They have higher selec

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