Boron Nitride (BN) Nanoparticles

Boron nitride nanoparticles and nanosheets have recently drawn much attention due to their unique mechanical, optical, physical, and chemical properties. They are regarded as interesting materials for various applications, such as boron neutron captu...…


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Quartz Powder

Quartz Powder is formed by the calcination of the smallest (SiO2) dust particles, which are formed due to the decomposition of the quartz-rich magmatic metamorphic rocks by calcination of high-purity quartz ore at 900 * C. It is an important raw mate...…


What's Boron nitride

1. What are the differences in the purity of boron nitride?The production process causes the difference in the different purity of boron nitride. Low-temperature boron nitride is 95%~98%, and high-temperature boron nitride is purity above 99%. For ex...…


The Discovery of Carbon Nanotubes

Sumio Iijima, who missed the Nobel Prize, discovered carbon nanotubes at the age of 52…

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