Excellent Performance of Boron Nitride Lubricants

Lubricants is only one aspect of the boron nitride uses. The heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and lubricating of boron nitride can be sprayed with boron nitride powder on graphite pads and containers used in metal heat treatment and sintering o...…


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At the end of February, the export price of a colloidal gold antibody detection reagent for one person was 2-3 US dollars, which has now doubled, and the latest UK purchase price has approached 10 US dollars. As a result, the cost of produ…


Boron nitride and some of its preparation methods

Boron nitride The first application of hexagonalboron Nitride (or h-BN) was in high-temperature lubricants. Its invention occurred more than 100 years ago. H-BN is a graphite substitute. Its structure and performance are similar, making it also kn...…


Dutch epidemic continues to develop, can niobium carbide prices remain stable

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