Boron Powder parameters

It is tasteless and odorless. Boron is between the metal element series and the non-metal element series in the periodic table of elements. Boron has many characteristics, such as strong electronegative, low atomic radius, and centralized nuclear cha...…


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Who Cannot take boron

If you have a history of estrogen-sensitive cancer or are on hormonal therapy, avoid taking high amounts of Boron. In addition, Boron is eliminated primarily through the kidneys, so people with kidney disease or problems with kidney function should a...…


ODEA Oleic acid diethanolamide CAS 93-83-4

Oleic acid Diethanolamide has excellent decontamination, emulsification, foaming, foam stabilization, dispersion, solubilization, antistatic, lubrication, rust inhibition, and wear resistance. Active matter content: >=99.0 About ODEA Oleic acid di...…


High Purity Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy Powder

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