Brief introduction of nickel-based alloy powder

What's nickel-based alloy powder? In the self-fluxing series of alloy powders, nickel-based powders are the most common. The powder is highly resistant to heat, corrosion and oxidation. Easy operation, low melting point, large solid-liquid temperatu...…


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There are several oxidation reactions of iron

Since iron has two valence states: +2 iron is called ferrous, +3 iron is called iron, so iron oxide is +3, and since oxygen is -2, according to the formula, the formula is Fe2O3. Iron oxide is the main component of rust. The leading cause of rust is ...…


Petronas Considers Investing 400 Million USD in A New Lubricants Plant,The Use of Tungsten Disulfide as The Best Oil Additive Will Increase Significantly

The Brazilian National Petroleum Administration (ANP) said recently that the average daily output of Brazilian oil companies in January was 3.17 million barrels of oil, an increase of 20.4% over the same period last year, setting a record fo…


iPhone 14 Release Date and Other New Features

iPhone 14 Release Date and Other New Features…

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