Zinc stearate emulsion CAS 557-05-1, 40%

Zinc stearate liquid can also be called zinc stearate. It is used as a release, color retention, lubricant and release agent.Solid Content: 40 %Please note that we also offer industrial grade and pharma grade zinc stearate. What is Zinc Stearate Emulsion? Water-based zinc is used as a replacement for paper filters, super-coatings on sandpaper, thermal paper sensitizers, rubber release agents and functional additives to water-based coatings. As zinc stearate does not dissolve in water, it pla


CAS 557-05-1 Zinc Stearate Powder

Zinc Stearate Powder is a fine, white powder with no sandy texture. It has a strong fatty odor. Zinc Stearate powder: Zinc Stearate Powder is a fine white powder with a smooth texture. It also has a fatty odor. Zinc stearate Powder uses It is widely used to release molds for many different objects such as rubber, polyurethanes, polyester processing systems, and powder metallurgy. Its "nonsticky” feature is used in these applications. Globally trusted z inc supplier of stearate


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