Background and overview of calcium hexaborate

Calcium hexaboride, a chemical called calcium borate, is mainly synthesized through carbothermal reduction, self-propagation, and other means. A material research institute in China and some universities have certain synthesis research technologies. Calcium hexaboride is a black-gray powder or particle. The melting point is 2230 ℃, the relative density is 2.33 g/cm, and it is insoluble in water at 15 ℃. Silicon boride is a glossy black-gray powder with a relative thickness of 3.0g/cm and a melti


Calcium hexaborate reinforced aluminum matrix composites

A calcium hexaboride-reinforced aluminum matrix composite was prepared. The preparation method uses an aluminum boron master alloy and pure calcium as the sources of elemental boron and calcium. The preparation method is to first melt the aluminum boron master alloy in a melting furnace and raise the temperature to 900-1300 ℃, then add pure calcium, keep it warm, and mechanically stir it evenly before directly casting it into ingots. Using this method to prepare calcium hexaboride-reinforced alu


Application of calcium hexaborate

Calcium hexaboride is a black solid. Hardness 9. Relative density 2.33, melting point 2373-K. It is stable in the air at high temperatures. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and dilute sulfuric acid. Does not react with water. It can be eroded by strong oxidants such as chlorine, fluorine, nitric acid, and hydrogen peroxide, and reacts slowly with alkali. At room temperature, there can be three states, powder, single crystal, and polycrystalline. Due to the characteristics of hi


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