The Property and Synthesis Method of Calcium Hydride |

What does calcium hydride mean? Ca hydride Is an inorganic compound with a chemical composition of CaH2 a molecularweight of 42.10. A grayish-white, lumpy crystal that is easily deliquescent and can be used as a reducing agent or desiccant. It can...…


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CS-30, an amino acid series, is a mild surfactant that produces a lot of foam. It is stable and elastic. The result after washing the hair will be soft, natural and fresh. About N-Methyl-N-cocoylaminoacetic acid CAS 61791-59-1: CS-30 is a surfacta...…


The shear strength enhancement as a result of fumed silica addition is even more striking

The shear strength enhancement due to fumed silica addition is even more striking. Adhesive shear strength typically increases more than a thousand-fold compared to films without particle reinforcement. The chemical bond formation in these adhesive f...…


The era of industrial intelligent manufacturing-3D printing will develop rapidly

In recent years, 3D printing technology has increased. Whether it is the development of 3D printing technology or 3D printing materials, it has good development prospects in some critical areas. Especially in the field of industrial design,…

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