Cellular Concrete Foaming Agents

The properties of the cellular concrete are strongly influenced by the type of foaming agent used.


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PPG Poly propylene glycolr

Polypropylene Glycol is available in different types depending on the molecular mass. It can be dissolved in toluene (ethanol), trichloroethylene, and other organic solvants. The Polypropylene Glycol: PnB Polypropylene Glycol is a surfactant that does not contain ions. It can be divided into different types depending on the molecular mass. It is soluble in toluene and ethanol. It is a global trusted brand Polypropylene glycol . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Polypropylene


Fine white fluffy powder water-based calcium stearate

What is water-based calcium stearate´╝čWater-based calcium stearate alias calcium octadecate; Calcium octadecate; Calcium stearate dispersion; Calcium stearate; Calcium stearate; SCD lubricant; Calcium octadecate (light), molecular formula: C18H35CaO2, molecular weight:323.5468. Delicate white appearance, fluffy powder, smooth, soluble in hot water, toluene, ethanol, and other organic solvents. Non-toxic, it slowly decomposes into stearic acid and corresponding calcium salts when heated to 400 deg


What can you do to improve the electrochemical performance of the nano-silicon anode material?

The following techniques are employed mostly to improve the electrochemical properties and efficiency of the silicon-based anode materials

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