Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride

CETYL-TRIMETHYL AMMONIUM CLORIDE has been emulsified, anti-static and softened. About Cetyl trimethylammonium ammonium chloride Cetyl trimethylammonium chlorineide is a new multifunctional anionic suprafactant that has excellent detergency, emulsi...…


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Characteristics of boron

Boron is similar to carbon's capability to form stable covalently bonded molecular networks. Even nominally disordered (amorphous) boron contains regular boron icosahedra, which are connected randomly without long-range order. Crystalline boron is a ...…


Good heat impact resistant material Aluminum Nitride

How does Aluminum Nitride play a role in the world? The main applications aluminum nitride Powder: Thermal conductive filler, for thermal conductive paste or thermal conductive grease. The aluminum nitride has many uses in photoelectric technolog...…


Advantages-and-applications-of aluminum-nitride

Aluminum nitride AlN Ceramics Aluminum nitride ceramic is a refractory, composite ceramic material that has a hexagonal-wurtzite pattern. Blue-white pure aluminum is what you see, while aluminum nitride clays look grayish or white. Aluminum n...…

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