High Purity Chromium Silicide CrSi2 Powder CAS 12018-09-6, 99%

CrSi2 organic silicide is also known as "chromium Silicide" or "dark-gray Silicide". This film can resist high heat or low temperatures. Purity: 99%. Particle sizes: 5-10um The Chromium Siicide CrSi2 Muffer Silicide in Chromium You can create a chemical combination from organic materials CrSi2 . Silicide It is made up of six rectangular crystals. It melts at a temperature of 1550oC. It forms the same type of bond as CR3Si. It can be seen in metallic gloss. CrSi2 Any royal wate


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High Purity Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder CAS 12002-99-2,99.99%

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