High Purity 3D Metal Printing Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum CoCrMo Powder

The price of nickel and stainless steel rose together. Nickel afternoon hand in hand with stainless steel together turn red up. Due to the temporary easing of geopolitical risks, risk assets are now picking up, nonferrous metals, stock markets, and s…


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Cuprous oxide is one of the two stable oxides of copper

Overview This is Cuprous oxide Cu2O stands for Cuprous Oxide. This is monovalent copper dioxide. Cuprous oxide is used primarily in ship bottom antifouling paint, insecticides, various copper salts, analytical and reagents as well red glass. H...…


Global "pandemic" new crown virus: Will it disappear on its own in summer, with a slight impact on CLC blocks

The impact of the epidemic has led all countries to initiate emergency treatment modes and close all entertainment and catering gatherings. Do not go out; major construction and industrial companies stop production. This caused severe losses…


What's Boron nitride

1. What are the differences in the purity of boron nitride?The production process causes the difference in the different purity of boron nitride. Low-temperature boron nitride is 95%~98%, and high-temperature boron nitride is purity above 99%. For ex...…

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