High Purity 3D Metal Printing Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum CoCrMo Powder

The price of nickel and stainless steel rose together. Nickel afternoon hand in hand with stainless steel together turn red up. Due to the temporary easing of geopolitical risks, risk assets are now picking up, nonferrous metals, stock markets, and s


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Boron Coated with GAP

The solid fuel-rich propellant based on B@GAP, which was prepared using the solvent–nonsolvent method, also shows the advantage of reduced slurry viscosity during propellant blending and casting. Moreover, the ignition/combustion time of B@GAP powder was also measured, revealing that the ignition delay times for raw boron and coated B@GAP were 16.2 ms and 7.6 ms, respectively. In another study, Shin prepared core–shell-structured B@GAP particles through the solvent–nonsolvent method using N, N-D


Supercapacitors and Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries of Copper oxide

Pseudocapacitors, also known as one type of supercapacitors, have attracted significant attention of researchers as efficient energy storage devices with superior properties such as high power density, excellent reversibility, and long cycle lifetime-dependent power, which are necessary properties of electronics portable devices. As the demand for high-capacity energy storage in modern life has been raised continuously, pseudocapacitors have become a hot topic recently. Among transition metal ox


Pharmacopoeia standard for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Source and content: This product is 2-hydroxypropyl ether methylcellulose. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is divided into four substitution types based on the range of methoxy and hydroxypropyl groups, namely 1828, 2208, 2906, and 2910. According to the calculation of dried products, the content of each substituted methoxy group (- OCH3) and hydroxypropyl group (- OCH2CHOHCH3) should comply with the regulations in the attached table. Character: This product is a white or almost white fibrous or g

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