Concentrated soap base, 45%

Concentrated soap bases have the same good cleaning and washing ability as soap. They are gentle on the skin, produce a lot of foam when you rub, but less foam when you rinse, and are easy to wash off.Solid Content: 45% About concentrated soap base...…


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Argentina's Rosario Grain Exchange recently reported that wheat MoSi2 Powder are expected to continue to be influenced by international situations. Introduction to Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 PowderMolybdenum silicide was discovered in 1906…


Manufacturing process of synthetic graphite

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Thermal Transport of TiB2

The transport of heat energy through the solid body of the material is described by two properties, thermal diffusivity D and thermal conductivity κ. Thermal diffusivity pertains to transient heat flow, while thermal conductivity pertains to steady-s...…

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