What is the difference between conductive graphite powder and graphite powder for rubber?

From April the French government will reduce fuel taxes slightly to ease the burden on consumers. Warned of possible energy shortages in France by the end of the year and called on the French to conserve electricity and gas from now on, saying that i…


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Tetrahedral Structures may Explain Water's Special Qualities

Researchers at the Institute of Industrial Science at The University of Tokyo sifted through experimental data to probe the possibility that supercooled water has a liquid-to-liquid phase transition between disordered and tetrahedrally struc…


The Pixel 6 takes way longer to charge than the spec sheet

The Pixel 6 has long been Googles most competitive hardware release, but the company still lags when it comes to fast charging.Google says the Pixel 6 can charge at 30 watts which is slower than the best Android phones in its price range. A…


Details of the flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 12

Xiaomireleased Xiaomi12, which is a replacement for Xiaomi12 Pro. Although these two phones look alike, they are more different than siXiaomilar. Nevertheless, Xiaomi12 should still be regarded as a flagship smartphone, especially because of…

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