Microsoft Patch, Tuesday, November 2021

Microsoft Corp. today released updates to eliminate at least 55 security vulnerabilities in its Windows operating system and other software. Two of the patches target vulnerabilities that have already been used in online attacks, and four of…


Malaysian National Petroleum Corporation Net Profit Drops Sharply, Production of Boron Nitride High-temperature Grease Will Slowly Decline

Recently, the National Petroleum Corporation of Malaysia released statistics showing that in 2019, the company achieved sales of 240.2 billion Ringgits, a decrease of 4.3% compared with the previous fiscal year, net profit of 40.5 billion ri…


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Potassium ricinoleate CAS 8013-05-6, 40%

Potassium Ricinoleate exhibits good lubricity and dispersibility.Solid Content: 40% Potassium ricinoleate is a potassium salt. Potassium Ricinoleate exhibits good lubricity and dispersibility. It is a global trusted brand Potassium ricinoleate...…


How will you charge a hollow glass without touching it

You can charge a metal sphere without touching it by connecting it to the earth with a wire. The electrons can flow to the bottom whereas the positive charges at the close to finish can stay command there thanks to the attraction of the negative char...…


Preparation, characteristics and application of silicon powder

Silicon Powder The micro-Silicon fume, sometimes called "Silicon smoke", or simply known as SiO2, is produced by special trapping devices that capture and treat the smoke and dust that escapes from the furnace used to molten industrial silicon and f...…

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