Why is Copper alloyed with Nickel?

What is copper and nickel alloy called?There are a series of different CuNi alloy, which have different properties and can be used for different purposes, including:Cupronickel: containing 60-90% copper.Constantan: 45% nickel.Monel: at least 52% nick…


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About Zinc sulfide

Yellowish-white powder. ZnS exists in two crystalline forms, α (wurtzite) and β (sphalerite). Stable if kept dry. α: d 3.98. β: d 4.102, changes to α form at 1020C. Sublimes at 1180C. Soluble in acids; insoluble in water. Pigment for paints, oilcloth...…


Is glass prism hollow or solid

A hollow glass prism gives no spectrum because it has no medium inside. It is hollow from the inside, so white light can not split in a vacuum because, in a vacuum, all colours of light travel at the same speed; hence they do not split, and no spectr...…


How do you know which reducing agent is stronger

The relative strengths of reducing agents can be inferred from their standard electrode potentials. The strongest reducing agents are shown in the standard electrode table. Lithium, having the largest negative value of electrode potential, is the str...…

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