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What is the reaction between zinc sulfide

These sulfides are relatively inert, dissolve into acid, and are insoluble in water and alkalis. Zinc sulfide causes flaming decomp /of hydrazinium nitrate / above the melting point (70 °C). / Hydrazinium nitrate: alone, etc/ The reaction between iod...…


WS2 powder physical properties and preparation

What is WS2 p owder? Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic compound with the formula WS2 and molecular weight 247.97. Gray with the metallic luster of fine crystals or powder, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, semiconductor, and diama…


Xiaomi's new battery technology can increase capacity by 10%

Xiaomi announced a breakthrough in its battery technology on Weibo yesterday. Unlike most of the hyperbolic news, were used to hearing about battery science, these gains sound realistic. The company has even said it could start production as…

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