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3D Printing Nickel-based Alloy Inconel738 Powder

Nickel-based In738 metal powder is widely used in industrial and aviation turbines, petrochemical industry, nuclear reactors, laser cladding and other fields.…


Scientists slow and steer light with resonant nanoantennas

An artist rendering of a high-Q metasurface beamsplitter. These “high-quality-factor” or “high-Q” resonators could lead to novel ways of manipulating and using light. Light is notoriously fast. Its speed is crucial for rapid informa…


Is Zinc Sulfide a Crystalline Ion

Can Zinc Sulfide a Crystalline Ion? In the wake of receiving my first zinc sulfur (ZnS) product I was eager to know if this was an ion that is crystallized or not. In order to determine this I conducted a variety of tests including FTIR-spectra, zinc...…

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