Decentralization has become critical

With the integration of Internet infrastructure in the hands of a few large companies, decentralization has become critical. In this way, companies have the responsibility to become good stewards of the Internet. When many users begin to wo…


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What are Early Strength Agents?

Sweden is in talks with Turkey on joining NATO and looks forward to strengthening cooperation with Turkey in security and counter-terrorism, Swedish Prime Minister Anders Andersson said recently. Andersson held a joint press conference with visiting…


Breakthrough in precision bearing research and development:speed increased by 50%, initially applied to the new turbofan 15 aero engine

Aeronautical bearings are one of the core components of aero-engines. They have the characteristics of high temperature, high speed, large load, complicated force, and harsh working environment. In theory, the most direct way to improve the…


Global "pandemic" new crown virus: Will it disappear on its own in summer, with a slight impact on CLC blocks

The impact of the epidemic has led all countries to initiate emergency treatment modes and close all entertainment and catering gatherings. Do not go out; major construction and industrial companies stop production. This caused severe losses…

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