Decentralization has become critical

With the integration of Internet infrastructure in the hands of a few large companies, decentralization has become critical. In this way, companies have the responsibility to become good stewards of the Internet. When many users begin to wo…


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What are the disadvantages of methyl cellulose

However, methylcellulose-contrast enteroclysis also has several disadvantages. Methylcellulose is a thick sticky substance that may require dilution in the "barium kitchen." Bubbles will form if methylcellulose is shaken, not stirred. Methylcellulose...…


Price fluctuation of metal raw materials, Tongrun will be affected.

According to the report of CINN on January 16, UBS estimates that the price of copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, zinc, and other metal raw materials will rise in 2020.…


Is boron amorphous or crystalline?

Is boron amorphous or crystalline?Boron can be prepared in several crystalline and amorphous forms. The well-known forms of crystallization are α-rhombohedral (α-R), β-rhombohedral (β-R) and β-tetragonal (β-T). In spec…

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