Blue light may reduce early depressive symptoms in patients with concussion

Through a large number of research experiments and observations, researchers have found that blue light products can reduce depression in patients with concussions.…


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French implements blockade order, people are restricted from staying at home except necessary to go out, and the price of molybdenum disilicide has dropped slightly

The French Ministry of Health said on the 18th that in France, 1,404 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed within 24 hours, and 89 increase deaths were reported.…


Properties of Nickel-based Super Alloys

The creep rupture strength can be a good indication that the creep rupture life/γ-initial fraction diagram of each alloy series is different, but each series may have a maximum value or exceed 75% (volume) in the vicinity.…


Effects of titanium diboride on the mechanical

For the first time, this work purposes a novel composite production from alumina-toughened zirconia titanium diboride (ATZ-TiB2). In designing the composites, the matrix was composed of 3 mol % yttria (Y2O3) stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystal...…

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