What Apple has in store for 2022: AN ARM desktop, an iPhone without a mouth, and more

2021 could be the calm before the storm. Aside from a few new Apple Silicon Macs, 2021 was a quiet year for Apple. The new iPhone has improved camera and battery life but is otherwise nearly identical to the 2020 model. Aside from a slight c…


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Preparation, characteristics and application of silicon powder

Silicon Powder The micro-Silicon fume, sometimes called "Silicon smoke", or simply known as SiO2, is produced by special trapping devices that capture and treat the smoke and dust that escapes from the furnace used to molten industrial silicon and f...…


Segmentation of Foam concrete

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Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles at Interfaces |

The self-assembly at interfaces of nanoparticles has been the focus of many studies ever since Pickering's emulsion first became known in the early 20th century. This phenomenon is the fact that solid particles spontaneously migrate on fluid interfac...…

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