Four Big Line is Large-Scale Inside Test Digital Currency App, Can Pay Treasure WeChat Still be Used?

Shenzhen and other places have tested digital wallet applications on a large scale to prepare for the official launch of digital currency.…


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Animal protein type foaming agent of cement foaming agent

The performance of animal protein foaming agents is similar to that of plant protein foaming agents, and its foaming capacity and stability are identical to that of plant protein. However, its raw material resources are not as extensive as plant prot...…


Which is greater fe2+ or fe3+ and why

Among the Iron (II) ion Fe 2 + (charge is 2+) and Iron (III) ion Fe 3 + (charge is 3+), the magnitude of positive charge is higher on Iron (III) ion Fe 3 +. Therefore, the size of Iron (III) ion Fe 3 + will be smaller than Iron (II) ion Fe 2 +. Why d...…


DNA nanobots build themselves: How can we help them grow the right way?

At UNSW, researchers use DNA to build nanorobots. Pictured here are their PolyBricks. Credit: Jonathan Berengut UNSW researchers have overcome a major design challenge on the path to controlling the dimensions of so-called DNA nanobots—st…

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