Dimethyl octadecyl hydroxyethyl ammonium nitrate

Dimethyl Octadecylhydroxyethyl Ammonium Nitrate has a stability limit of a 5% dilute acids dilute. However, it should not be mixed with anionic surfactants. About Dimethyl Octadecyl Hydroxyethyl Ammonium Nitrate Dimethyl octadecylhydroxyethyl ammo...…


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what is Boron Carbide ?

Boron Carbide is a boron-carbon ceramic material that is extremely hard. Its properties make it useful in a variety of applications, from bulletproof vests to armor for tanks. In addition, a variety of industries use boron carbide as an abrasive.…


Does N95 mask protect against silica

The following describes the NIOSH policy for respiratory protection against airborne exposures to crystalline silica. NIOSH recommends using half-facepiece particulate respirators with N95 or better filters for airborne exposure to crystalline silica...…


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Titanium-aluminum carbide is a new type of ceramic material with a ternary layered structure. It has unique properties and has attracted wide attention from materials scientists and physicists.…

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