It is antistatic and emulsified, with the antistatic agent in woven aids in mineral flotation. About Dodecyl-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-methylazanium,chloride: Dodecyl-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-methylazanium,chloride has the characteristics of rich and fine f...…


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Silicon nitride offers high wear resistance

Silicon nitride offers high wear resistance, strength, rigidity, extremely high abrasion resistance, and good friction characteristics combined with high resistance to temperature and corrosion, making it ideal as a ceramic roller bearing material fo...…


What is zirconium nitride and its properties?

What's zirconium-nitride? Zirconium Nitride The inorganic compound (ZrN), has many crystal structures that change with its composition. Due to its properties, it can be used in many different ways. ZrN and its alloy compounds have been ident...…


The Preparation and Application of Nanoparticles

What do nanoparticles mean and how are they used? Nanoparticles They are being used for the production of scratchproof sunglasses, anti-graffiti paints and crack-resistant paints. What are nanoparticles made from? A nanoparticle (or ultrafi...…

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