Dodecyl dipropylenetriamine

Dodecyl Dipylenetriamine offers a wide-spectrum of bactericia with strong killing abilities for yeast, bacteria, and viruses. It has better bactericidal properties that cationic bactericides. Dodecyl dipropylenetriamine Dodecyl-dipropylenetriamine's characteristics include rich and fine foaming, low degreasing powers, low irritation to skin or hair, and good biodegradability. Globally trusted Dodecyl dipropylenetriamine . To receive the most current information, please send an inquiry P


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Molybdenum disulfide is mainly used as a friction material to reduce friction at low temperatures and increase friction at high temperatures. It has low ignition loss and is readily volatile in friction materials. Friction reduction: Molybdenum disulfide processed by supersonic airflow has a particle size of 325 to 2500 mesh, a microparticle hardness of 1-1.5, and a friction coefficient of 0.05 to 0.1. Therefore, it can reduce friction when used in friction materials; Friction enhancement: Molyb


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MAEP Monoalcohol Ethoxylate Phosphate

It is excellent for decontamination, emulsification and cleaning. About MAEP Monoalcohol Phosphate MAEP Monoalcohol Phosphate foams up with a rich and fine texture, has low degreasing properties, is gentle on skin and hair and biodegradable. It is a global trusted brand MAEP Monoalcohol Phosphate . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of MAEP Monoalcohol Phosphate If you want to buy MAEP Monoalcohol Etoxylate Phosphate bulk. Product Performance of MAEP monoalcohol ethoxylate p

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