New 'nanopores' technique offers proof-of-concept of earlier, safer tumor detection

Specific detection of Point-Mutation-Position using biological nanopore. In recent years, a non-invasive biopsy method called liquid biopsy has shown promise as a potential alternative to tissue biopsy, currently the gold standard in cancer…


The New Information about Pixel Watch

Earlier this month, we saw a leaked Google Pixel Watch marketing image, which showed a round watch body and a low-key, round-edged touch screen. A recent report from Google 9to5Google mentioned PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH, which not only strengt…


Now you can start your car with your Android phone

Earlier this year, Google announced a digital car key feature for Android, and now, Google has finally flipped the switch: You can now lock, unlock, and start your car with your Android phone -- if you use a Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, or a…


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Market Trend and Demand-Successfully Sent The Chang'e-5 Probe Will Affact the Price of Carbon Nickel Alloy (C-Ni)-Sputtering Target

At 4:30 on November 24th, the Chang'e-5 probe was successfully launched. As the final battle in the three-step process of my country's lunar exploration project, the Chang'e-5 lunar exploration mis…


Android Privacy Settings have now changed

Android is one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, and it has lots of Settings and options to keep your data secure. But trying to use all of these tools effectively can sometimes be a little confusing -- thats where the…


Artificial Intelligence Consumes Too Much Power, and New Hardware Helps it Save Energy

A team of engineers to create a hardware, the hardware will be learning a currently running on the software platform of the skills of artificial intelligence, thus to reduce the energy consumption of artificial intelligence work.…

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