Engineers use MoS2 nano "sandwich" to improve rechargeable batteries |

Singer's research team discovered that molybdenum flakes can store twice as many lithium atoms or charges as previously reported. Singer added that they also discovered the high capacity lithium of these flakes doesn't last for long, and it will drop...…


Cornell Engineers Develop New Framework to Make Biodegradable Elastomers

Metals such as iron and calcium play a crucial role inside the human body, so it's no surprise that bioengineers would like to integrate them into the soft, stretchy materials used to repair skin, blood vessels, lungs and other tissue.…


Engineers have invented a bird-dwelling robot

Like snowflakes, no two branches are alike. They vary in size, shape, and texture; Some may be moist or mossy-covered or bursting branches. Birds, however, can land in almost any of them. This ability intrigued engineers Mark Cutkosky and Da…


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Application of Hafnium Silicide in Material Preparation

Hafnium silicide is a transition metal silicide, which is a kind of refractory intermetallic compound.…


Antimony tin oxide powder properties and application

The attractive characteristics of nanomaterials in structure, photoelectric and chemical properties have aroused the interest of physicists, materials scientists, and chemists. Since the formation of the concept of nanomaterials in the early…


Zinc sulfide Powder – Property and Application |

Zinc sulfide It is an organic compound with the chemical formula ZnS. The powder's color ranges from light yellow to white. Zinc sulfuride turns darker when exposed light is applied. The Property of Zinc Sulfide - Zinc sulfuride is stable wh...…

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