To avoid reducing the concentration of vapor in the phase by neutralizing the smell or coordination, reduce the concentration of vapor in the phase to achieve the effect. What FORESTALL-LQ(MH) is: It is both cationic (cationic) and non-ionic (non-...…


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Researchers invent technology to remedy 3-D printing's 'weak spot'

Texas AM and Essentium researchers have developed the technology to weld adjacent 3D printed layers more effectively, increasing the reliability of the final product. Allowing users to create objects from simple toys to custom prosthetic pa…


Silica fume silica powder

What is silica powder?Silicon powder, also called micro silicon powder, scientific name silica fume, is an industrial electric furnace that smelts industrial silicon and ferrosilicon at high temperatures, with the exhaust gas escape of dust through a...…


High Purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder

is a reliable supplier for high purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder.…

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