Facebook's revenue hurt by Apple's AD tracking

Facebooks revenue growth was hurt by Apples new ad-tracking selectivity requirements, but the social giant still made a lot of money. Itsposting profits beat Wall Street expectations. In the third quarter of 2021, Facebook reported $29.01 bi…


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Nature of Silicon powder

Crystalline silicon is steel gray, and amorphous silicon is black. Non-toxic, tasteless. d2.33; Melting point 1410 ℃; Average heat capacity (16~100 ℃)0. 1774cal/(g -℃). Crystalline silicon belongs to the atomic crystal, is hard and glossy, and is a t...…


Cement foaming agent how to use cement foaming agent price

Cement foaming agent: pure plant type, animal type, compound, protein; Each type of raw material is different, but the main raw materials are: K12, rosin, sodium hydroxide, bone glue, and so on. To tell you about the raw materials, there is no compar...…


What are the uses of cuprous oxide

What is copper oxide?Copper(I) Oxide is also called cuprous oxide, an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Cu2O. It is covalent. Copper(I) oxide crystallizes in a cubic structure. It is easily reduced by hydrogen when heated. It undergoes dis...…

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