Fatty alcohol terminated polyether

The characteristics of fatty alcohol-terminated polyether include wetting, emulsifying and water-soluble. It is also decontaminating, low-foam, and it can be used to clean surfaces.Easy biodegradation. Content: 95% The Fatty Alcohol-terminated Polyether: Fatty alcohol terminated Polyether is a nonionic surfactant that has characteristics such as wetting and emulsifying. It's also water-soluble, can decontaminate, produces low foaming, and it's easily biodegradable. It is a global trusted br


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Zinc Sulfide has a broad range of applications. It's used as an infrared optical material and transmits visible light to 12 micrometers. It is also possible to shape the material into an optical window or lens. You can buy it in microcrystalline sheets, which are FLIR-grade. Although it's opaque in nature and is milky-yellow, hot isostatic pressing can make the substance clearer and more water-soluble. It's also used to make cathode radiation tubes. Zinc sulfuride is a white pigment. It has a


Narrow distribution of C9-11 alcohol ethoxylate CAS 68439-46-3

Narrow distributions of C9-11 Alcohol Ethoxylate have the advantage of being easy to prepare and having a high deoiling efficacy. The dual turbidity characteristics of this product allow for a wide range in washing temperatures. The following is a list of the most recent articles about C9-11 alcohol-ethoxylate distribution is restricted : C9-11 Alcohol Etoxylate Narrow Distribution is a surfactant that does not have an ionic charge. Berol is available in two different versions: Berol 26


High Purity Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Powder CAS 12006-99-4, 99%

Molybdenum boride powder is a compound of molybdenum and boron. The chemical formula of molybdenum boride is MoB2, molecular weight: 202.69. Purity: >99% Particle size: 5-10um About Molybdenum Boride MoB2 Powder: Molybdenum boride is a compound of molybdenum and boron.Their most notable feature is their high hardness. It has very high strength, very high hardness, good high-temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity and excellent oxidation resistance. Molybdenum boride has been used

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