Main Features of Aggregate Boron Nitride

Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is a white ceramic material with a layered structure similar to graphite. It is a raw material for cosmetics and various industrial applications owing to its good lubricity, heat resistance, electrical insulation properties, and thermal conductivity1, 2). Because h-BN has high thermal conductivity, a low dielectric constant, and excellent stability (hygroscopicity resistance) compared with other ceramic materials used for heat dissipation parts such as heat dissipa


How heat resistant is boron nitride

What's boron-nitride? Boron nitride With a sphalerite structure, it is typically characterized by black, brown, or dark red crystals. It also has good thermal conductivity. This superhard material is used in abrasives, tool material and other uses. Boron Nitride is chemically inert and resistant to water and organic acid. Hot, concentrated alkali can break the boron nitrogen bonds. The air starts to oxidize at around 1200. The vacuum at around 2700 is the point where it begins to decompose.


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What is Ti3AlC2?Ti₃AlC₂ is MAX Phase-like structured and crystallizes in the hexagonal P6₃/mmc space group. There are two inequivalent Ti sites. Ti is bonded in a 3-coordinate geometry in the first Ti site to three equivalent Al and three equivalent C atoms. All Ti–Al bond lengths are 2.89 Å. Titanium carbide is used to prepare cermets, frequently used to machine steel materials at high cutting speeds. Ti 3 AlC 2 has the Ti 3 SiC 2 structure with lattice parameters of a=0.3075 nm and c=1.858 nm.


What's the difference between Boron powder and Amorphous Boron?

This substance can also be utilized in electronic products. It is also a source for Boron Nitride, which is a raw material used in boron-containing compounds, such as boron halide.

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