Oil Demand May Grow Negatively in 2020, Sales of Lubricant Friction Modifiers Will Continue to Decline

With oil demand falling, the state of the industry is not optimistic. Lubricants are a must for production, and sales in 2020 will also continue to decline in the coming weeks. Adding friction modifier is the primary way to improve the energ…


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What happens when copper oxide reacts with water

Copper (I) Oxide can react with water as oxygen is present and make Copper (II) Hydroxide. Copper oxide acts as a weak base because when dissolved in water, it produces mild basic hydroxide Cu (OH)2. Copper oxidizes slowly in the air, corroding to pr...…


Basic information of niobium carbide

Niobium carbide powder is a dark gray-brown powder with a cubic crystal structure and metallic luster. It is stable at a temperature of 1000 to 1100°C and rapidly oxidized to niobium pentoxide at a temperature above 1100°C.…


"Enlightenment AI+ Game College Competition" Launched, Why Should AI Learn to Play king of Glory?

Tencent announced the launch of the first "Enlightenment AI+ Game College Competition" preliminary contest, which is also the first time Tencent's enlightenment platform is open to universities.…

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