High Purity Germanium Nitride Ge3N4 Powder CAS 12065-36-0, 99.999%

is a reliable supplier for high purity Germanium Nitride Ge3N4 Powder CAS 12065-36-0, 99.999%.


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How Conductive Is Titanium?

Titanium is a non-magnetic metal with a low electrical conductivity. This property makes it suitable for resisting electrical currents. However, it does not conduct heat very well. The electrical conductivity of titanium is 2.38 x 106 S/m and its resistivity is 4.20 x 10-7 Om.


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What is zinc sulfide?ZnS grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) at Coherent exhibits exceptional fracture strength and hardness, leading to its frequent choice for military applications and harsh environments. This material is often used in the 8-12 micron region. Its high resistance to rain erosion, high-speed dust, and particulate abrasion makes it particularly suitable for exterior IR windows on aircraft frames. ZnS has a lower cost relative to ZnSe and ZnS MS and has the material propertie


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Calcium stearate dispersion is used as a water-repellent, anti-caking, anti weathering and release agent in cement, paint and other coatings. It is used as an internal lubricant and acid scavenger in polymer processing. It is also used in paper making.Calcium stearate emulsion is a white viscous liquid with the formula Ca(C17H35COO)2. The appearance is a white viscous liquid; calcium stearate emulsion is the stabilizer and lubricant of poly chloroacetic acid, but the stability effect is poor; lo

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