Scientists Have Confirmed That the Past Decade Has Been the Hottest on Record Globally

The past decade has been the hottest on record as the climate crisis has warmed the globe. 2019 was the second - or third-warmest year on record.


Global warming causes albatross’ divorce rate to rise

More than 90% of birds are monogamous, and most of them are loyal to their partners. Among them, the albatross is a typical representative. Couples of albatross rarely separate and stay with the same partner year after year. However, a new s


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One of the hardest materials - Boron Carbide

Boron carbide (B4C), is among the hardest materials used in manufacturing. Its hard surface and strong chemical bonds minimize wear even in harsh environments. This is why it's been used to make bulletproof vests, tank armor, and other extreme applications. Its hardness offers excellent protection and its light weight maximizes fluidity. This material also has a high neutron absorbance capacity, making it a good choice for radiation shielding. Therefore, it is widely used in the nuclear and othe


Microstructure oxidation resistance relationship in Ti3AlC2 MAX Phase

Spark Plasma Sintering and Hot Isostatic Pressing were used to synthesize coarse-grained and fine-grained Ti3AlC2 specimens. Moreover, Spark Plasma Sintering processing parameters were modified to vary the TiC, Al2O3, and TixAly impurity and porosity in the fine-grained samples. The influence of the Ti3AlC2 microstructure on the oxidation resistance was assessed. It is demonstrated that the grain size can drastically modify the oxidation resistance. The higher density of grain boundaries in fine


When less is more: A single layer of atoms boosts the nonlinear generation of light

Artistic image of the light generation using a heterostructure of graphene and metal nanostructures. This heterostructure allows for a giant enhancement of a nonlinear optical process that changes the properties of light, such as its freque

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