Where Is Graphene Oxide Used?

Graphene oxide can be used for many different applications, from transparent coatings to conducting heat and electricity. It is especially useful in the field of flexible electronics.…


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Properties of BN

Machinability. Hexagonal boron nitride billet is easy to use conventional metal cutting technology to finish products. The turning accuracy can reach 0.05mm, so the hexagonal boron nitride billet can be processed to get complex shape products with—a ...…


What is lithium nitride and its application?

What's lithium nitride? Lithium-nitride This is a compound of metal and nitrogen with the molecular formula Li3N. It's a purple or red-colored crystalline solid that has a light green color under reflected and a ruby hue in the transmitted l...…


Why Are People Optimistic About GaN? Gallium Nitride Application in 5G

GaN is a third-generation semiconductor material with a large forbidden band width, and its superiority in characteristics compared with the first-generation Si and second-generation GaAs.…

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