The energy consumption required to manufacture HOLLOW GLASS MICROSPHERES POWDERs

The energy consumption required to manufacture HOLLOW GLASS MICROSPHERES POWDERs, as described in Examples 1-4 of U.S. Patent No. 4,391,646 (Howell), can range from about 8 to about 50 kW-h per kg of product made. While commercial processes operating at a larger scale are more efficient, they still tend to use more than 5 kW- h per kg of product. Provided here are improved energy-efficient processes for producing HOLLOW GLASS MICROSPHERES POWDERs having high strength-to-density ratios compared w



Hollow glass microspheres ("HOLLOW GLASS MICROSPHERES POWDERs"), also referred to as "glass bubbles," are balloon-like glass structures having a median diameter of fewer than 500 micrometers. HOLLOW GLASS MICROSPHERES POWDERs are currently made using a process where a milled glass powder (or "glass frit") that contains a suitable blowing agent is flame-heated to temperatures at which the glass begins to soften. At these temperatures, the blowing agent either becomes or produces a gas, causing th


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