HSB aliphatic superplasticizer

HSB (High Strence Bing) is a carbonyl paraldehyde synthesized by high molecular sulfonation. The hydrophobic main chain for aliphatic hydrocarbons, in the future referred to as HSB, is a green high, efficient water-reducing agent developed in Qingdao...…


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What is Titanium carbide used for?

OPEC+, an oil producers' alliance led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, stuck to its original plan to increase output by just 432,000 b/d in June, continuing to defy calls from major consumers led by the United States to pump more oil to keep prices down.…


The Property And Application Of Nanoparticles

Nanopowder is also called nanoparticles, which generally refers to ultra-fine particles with a size between 1-100nm. Some people call it ultrafine particles. Its size is more significant than atom clusters and smaller than ordinary particles.…

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