40 Years of Quantum Leap: An Important Turning Point in Condensed Matter Physics

The quantum Hall effect is a quantum mechanical version of the Hall effect, which defines the relationship between the magnetic field and the induced voltage.…


Rewrite the Basic Particle Classification, the Third Type of Particles Appeared

All particles in the universe can be divided into two categories-fermions or bosons. Now, scientists have discovered the third type of particles-anyons.…


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Aluminum Silicon Carbide Al/SiC

Al SiC (alluminum silicon carbide) is a metallic-based thermal management compound made up of silicon carbide and aluminum. It is used as a packaging material for electronic parts. The combination of aluminum with high volume frac is what it refers t...…


HONOR Magic5 Pro- first silicon carbon negative battery

HONOR Magic5 Pro the world's first silicon carbon negative battery: 5450mAh large capacityBeijing time on the evening of February 27, HONOR in Barcelona MWC 2023 (Mobile World Congress) officially released the HONOR Magic5 series, in the image, batte...…


Huawei is working on a new plan to circumvent US sanctions

Since the Trump administration cracked down on Huawei, initially banning the company from selling products in the United States and eventually from working with any American companies, the Chinese conglomerate has been effectively banned fr…

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