Hexadecyl Pyridinium chloride CAS 123-03-5

Use it for cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, antibacterial formulations as well as hand soaps, oral care and skin and hair care. Hexadecyl Pyridinium chloride is a chemical that can be used to make a variety of products. Hexadecyl Pyridin...…


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What is Bi2S3

Bismuth(III) sulfide (Bi 2S 3) is a bismuth and sulfur chemical compound. It occurs in nature as the mineral bismuthinite. Bismuth sulfide belongs to group 15 post-transition metal tri chalcogenides. Two irreversible and exothermic transitions are ob...…


Sorbitan monopalmitate CAS 26266-57-9

With sorbitol as a raw material, the reaction is made by dehydration in a closed-loop system. About Sorbitan monopalmitate: As a raw material, sorbitol is formed by a closed-loop dehydration process. This is a global Sorbitan Monopalmitate. Pleas...…


3D Printing Alloy Spherical Nickel Coated Tungsten Powder

The Spherical Nickel Coated Tungsten Powder may be used for both industrial and commercial purposes. Information about 3D printing Alloy Spherical Nickel Coated Tungsten W Pulp: Product Name: Spherical nickel coated tungsten W powder P...…

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