The "Hidden" Pair Is Called Metamaterial Design Opens up New Ways

Duality refers to the correspondence between apparently different theories that lead to the same physical result.…


Apple Watch Series 7 officially abandoned the hidden diagnostic port

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch, its diagnostic porthas always been a mysterious part of the wearable device series, but the new 7 series has officially abandoned the 6-pin port completely. MacRumors first noticed that when you rem…


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What is Few Layer Graphene?

How do you define it? F ew ayer raphene ? The graphene layer is made of very thin layers composed of carbon atoms that are arranged in honeycomb lattices. Here are some of the key features F...…


Properties and applications of 3D printing Inconel alloy In625 powder

Alloy 625 shows excellent corrosion resistance in many media. It has excellent resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, and erosion in chloride media.…


The electronic structures of CuO

Though the origin of deep-level emission in CuO is under debate, and little information is available on the CuO defect structure, the deep emissions are generally supposed to relate to defects in CuO nanomaterial. CuO is intrinsically a p-type semico...…

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