High Efficiency Oxygen Molecular Sieve OX480

The oxygen molecular sieve TR-OX480 is mainly used in oxygen concentrator sieve beds in PSA industrial and medical oxygen supply systems. About Oxygen Molecular Sieve OX480: OX480 oxygen molecular Sieve is designed for PSA portable oxygen concentrator 1-5L/Min. Oxygen purity up to 93%+/3% Trusted global supplier Oxygen Molecular Sieve OX480 . To receive the latest information, send an inquiry Price Oxygen Molecular Sieve OX480 You can order Oxygen Molecular Sieve wholesale. Perf


TROX-500 High Efficiency Oxygen Molecular Sieve

The TROX 500 series high efficiency oxygen molecularsieve of TYPE X is a novel molecular sieve that's mainly used for pressure adsorption atmosphericpressure analysis or pressure swing adsorption to produce oxygen. The nitrogen adsorption rate is higher. About TROX500 High Efficiency Oxygen Molecular Sieve The TROX-500 Series high efficiency oxygen molecularsieve of TYPE X is a novel molecular sieve that's primarily used for pressure adsorption atmospheric pressurization and pressure swing


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